For the first time ever, I am proud to say, I get to do a progress update post on My Bucket List!!! Aren’t you excited?!? I’ve never gotten to do one of these before, but I figure I probably should.

So, what is a progress report?

Well simply put, it’s an update on any progress whatsoever that I’ve made on any of the items on My Bucket List, My Fucket List, In a Perfect World… or When I Grow Up… lists.

Let’s get down to it, shall we?

  1. TO GET: A Sex Toy… Any Sex Toy

    Back in August 2014, The Boyfriend and I were constantly talking about getting a sex toy. We said it would be by my birthday. That was in November. Finally, now March of the next year and for The Boyfriend’s birthday no less, we are finally getting a sex toy.

    It should be here by the end of the week and we’ll see what I end up thinking of it. It’s a G-spot vibrator, and I have yet to find my G-spot – so maybe by the end of next week sometime, we’ll have another progress update 😉

  2. TO GET: Rope and a Rope Tote

    It’s not a complete checked-off-the-list, because this one had a bunch of things to do in it. However, I took the first initial step, I took the plunge. I’ve been saying I was going to do it for years and after a long period of humming and hawing, I finally bought my first length of rope.

    It’s just one tiny step. There’s still the learning and the practicing and the rope tote and then the consenting adult to tie and all that jazz, but the first step!!

  3. TO GET: Lingerie… Lots of Lingerie

    Again, another not-complete-check-off-the-list, but progress. I’m not even sure I’ll like it or ever wear it or anything really. It was a spur of the moment, absolute impulse buy. It was right in the price range I was willing to spend, it was in what should be my size, but I’m not putting any big hopes into these two articles of clothing (barely).

    But again, a step. Tiny, it may be. Anything less to celebrate, it is not!

  4. TO DO: Get Back to Twitter

    It was my first official resolution of 2015 and while there have been many since, this is the only one that is seeing success. I even managed, after six years of trying, to get The Boyfriend on Twitter this year!

    I’m basically calling this one done!

  5. TO DO: Knit & Sew

    Not a complete check off the list, not even close. However, I did finally buy myself knitting needles and again, a sale resulted in yarn. So, I’ve started knitting. I’ve decided, I’m going to work towards a blanket. You can follow that project on my Instagram.

So, that’s five less things that I have to do and I haven’t even finished adding all my wants, desires, dreams and aspirations to the list! Now to try to wait patiently for my toy, rope, one other thing and lingerie to get here. Maybe I’ll knit 😉

TO HAVE: A G-Spot Orgasm

Surely, this is on almost every woman’s fucket list. We’ve all heard these magical tales of the awesomeness that comes from a g-spot orgasm and we’ve all seen the videos of the women squirting endlessly into the camera, and we all want to experience this absolutely intense looking/sounding orgasm.

This hasn’t always been an interest of mine. For many years I was actually quite disgusted by the concept of it. I remember watching a porn with my first boyfriend for the first time and a girl squirted in the video and I was literally horrified. I covered my 14-year-old eyes and squirmed in discomfort. I just did not like what I had seen!!

I didn’t start becoming interested in having a g-spot orgasm for myself until I was in my mid-20’s. I had briefly become curious about tantric sex and had seen a documentary that showed a woman being brought to a squirting orgasm during a workshop on tantric sex. Unlike in the porn situation, where I was uncomfortable and a little mortified, I felt intrigued and curious and a little more than fascinated and thus began my newfound obsession with the idea of one day finding my g-spot.

However, it’s always lived in idea mode and that is something that I would like to change…

Lots of things have stood in the way to me discovering my g-spot. First and foremost is the fact that I don’t want to find it alone. I know this sounds picky and I would probably feel completely different if I was single, but I feel like finding my g-spot should be something we do together. Alas, The Boyfriend has zero interest in a “squirting” orgasm. As far as he’s concerned, I make enough mess already… Also, when I masturbate by myself, typically there is absolutely no penetration happening whatsoever – it’s all clitoral.

Another thing standing in the way is my pre-conceived notions of what it’s going to be like. I have so much second-hand knowledge of these orgasms in my head, that it automatically makes where I’m thinking about it too much. Maybe I’ve already had one and I just don’t realize it because of all of my pre-conceived notions about it.

One day though, I’d like to just experience it for sure, without a doubt. Squirts and all…