TO HAVE: A G-Spot Orgasm

Surely, this is on almost every woman’s fucket list. We’ve all heard these magical tales of the awesomeness that comes from a g-spot orgasm and we’ve all seen the videos of the women squirting endlessly into the camera, and we all want to experience this absolutely intense looking/sounding orgasm.

This hasn’t always been an interest of mine. For many years I was actually quite disgusted by the concept of it. I remember watching a porn with my first boyfriend for the first time and a girl squirted in the video and I was literally horrified. I covered my 14-year-old eyes and squirmed in discomfort. I just did not like what I had seen!!

I didn’t start becoming interested in having a g-spot orgasm for myself until I was in my mid-20’s. I had briefly become curious about tantric sex and had seen a documentary that showed a woman being brought to a squirting orgasm during a workshop on tantric sex. Unlike in the porn situation, where I was uncomfortable and a little mortified, I felt intrigued and curious and a little more than fascinated and thus began my newfound obsession with the idea of one day finding my g-spot.

However, it’s always lived in idea mode and that is something that I would like to change…

Lots of things have stood in the way to me discovering my g-spot. First and foremost is the fact that I don’t want to find it alone. I know this sounds picky and I would probably feel completely different if I was single, but I feel like finding my g-spot should be something we do together. Alas, The Boyfriend has zero interest in a “squirting” orgasm. As far as he’s concerned, I make enough mess already… Also, when I masturbate by myself, typically there is absolutely no penetration happening whatsoever – it’s all clitoral.

Another thing standing in the way is my pre-conceived notions of what it’s going to be like. I have so much second-hand knowledge of these orgasms in my head, that it automatically makes where I’m thinking about it too much. Maybe I’ve already had one and I just don’t realize it because of all of my pre-conceived notions about it.

One day though, I’d like to just experience it for sure, without a doubt. Squirts and all…


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